“Thank you for the enthusiasm with which you presented this seminar.  The program was extremely valuable for us.

The brain is designed to do things at speed, including reading, and it has made all the difference.  Our sensory abilities are quite literally boxed in if we restrict ourselves to the traditional way of linear reading.  We are totally under-utilising our sensory abilities to absorb content.

I would like you to do a speed reading seminar with my colleagues, probably mid-June.” 

Andreas van der Horst  2014


“Thank you for the personal touch you have and the follow-up. I can now go through up to 10 chemistry articles a day, and in future I will be able to do much more in the same time.”   

Mangethe Zwane   2015

“The value of the Workshop was validation of best practice by an expert in the field. I’m finding the  methods particularly useful with reading Corporate Governance.”  

Micnael Rust 2014

‘Dear Britha, you are so kind, helpful and positive!  The Workshop was great, and the little I have done has already made a difference. Thank you very much.’

Nasheeda Claassen  Nampower 2015

‘It was indeed a great pleasure to have met you.  This training was life-changing, as I believe it is a skill that will allow me to be more effective in my career and personal  life.

John Mumba   Nampower  2015

‘I highly recommend this course.’

Advocate Sigrid Tjijorokisa  Group General Secretary Standard Bank Namibia  2013

Deloitte Workshop course evaluation

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Dear Britha,

I'd just like to once again thank you for the course on Speed Reading and general development which you presented recently.  I personally benefited tremendously from it and believe it should be included as a standard in the Learning and Development Training programme of every professional in the firm. 

It makes it much easier knowing how and on what to focus, which helps one to continually improve, with one's efficiency automatically increasing in the process.

Also, thanks again for the material you gave my children and me - we will definitely practice! 

I would also be more than happy if you want to use this short thank you note for reference purposes in future.

Kind regards,

Ferdie Schneider

Director:  Tax and Legal

Indirect Tax



South Africa

Tel:  011-647 7111


18 July  2008

I have known Britha Padkin of  R.E.A.D. Foundation  for nearly 13 years now.  I first met Ms Padkin when  R.E.A.D. Foundation  was commissioned to give speed reading training for Senior Managers at the Council for Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR).  My colleagues and I found the training programme very beneficial as it equipped us to go through the large volumes of reading material that supports out business management duties. 

The volume of information managers need to go through nowadays is even far more than when I first made contact with the R.E.A.D. Foundation.  I have since commissioned the R.E.A.D. Foundation at least 10 times ever since in my various roles for my management teams. 

I would strongly recommend  R.E.A.D. Foundation and the speed reading training programme for all those that feel ‘swamped’ by the information ‘overload’ due to the ever increasing volumes of information we have to absorb for our daily duties.

Should you need any more elaboration on the quality of the services of the R.E.A.D. Foundation, I shall be happy to engage.

Yours sincerely,

Dr. Xolani H. Mkhwanazi

President and CEO

BHP Billiton 

Aluminium Southern Africa


1 February  2002

For the last ten years, we have employed the services of the  R.E.A.D. Foundation, who offer specialized courses in Speed Reading and Study skills, for our graduate students.

We have again had excellent feedback from the group regarding the course.  They found the presentation by Britha Padkin to be vibrant, interesting and rewarding in that results were immediately apparent.  Also, the long-term benefits of reading and assimilating information at least three times faster were much appreciated.

Students generally described the content and outcome of the course as excellent, often surprisingly so, and very worthwhile the effort and practice required.

I have no hesitation in recommending this course to anyone wishing to achieve more of their potential, especially in as demanding a programme as an  MBA.

Prof.  Wim Gevers

Associate Director:  Academic


30 November 2001

Dear Britha,

Thank you for the courses which you have presented so far for our Executives and other Managers and Heads of Departments.  The  responses I have had have been exceptionally positive in every respect as follows:

Objectives.    Clear and comprehensive, covering all aspects of reading as a thinking skill, from speed with focused concentration and comprehension, to the strategic mind mapping processes and applications.

I noted with interest that the scope of the course also included aspects of motivation and time management.

Content.    A well-balanced combination of the above, packed into stimulating, brief modules, and applicable to a wide range of reading levels and fields.

Methodology.   Developing one’s natural ability as a physical skill works on the principle of faster thinking speeds first, then introducing comprehension at speed, and consolidating and applying the techniques to a variety of reading material, from novels to non-fiction text books

Presentation.    Easy, relaxed, energetic style held delegates’ attention, at the same time challenging and encouraging us to make the paradigm shift.

Evaluation.   Excellent.  Learning value most useful, if not essential for people who value time, efficiency and profits.  In most cases, definitely a long-term skill is acquired. We also intend to offer the READ course to our bursary students in the near future to ensure their success and our investment. 

Many thanks again for a most worthwhile experience.

Jerome Kearns  B.Sc.

Skills Development Manager

MOSSGAS  (now  PetroSA)

TESTIMONIAL:  R.E.A.D. Foundation / Britha Padkin

An in-house course was run for 15 of our employees over a 2 week period by Britha Padkin. The attendees ranged from executive level down to secretarial level from various functional areas within the business units

All attendees had a need to improve their reading efficiency as they were all battling with the requirements to absorb enormous volumes of written material such as research, project work, policy documentation, etc. 

By the end of the course, all participants had improved their reading speed by at least 300% !  In addition, comprehension and retention had improved significantly too.  New skills for retaining and recalling information were also acquired.

The course is well structured, the material is good and homework notes help to reinforce learning.  Britha is an enthusiastic facilitator whose passion for her subject is always evident.  She is inspiring, motivational and makes the learning process fun.  The process was such that participants were pleasantly surprised at how easily they acquired these new skills and the enthusiasm generated by this ‘success experience’ lingers on long after the course.

Leon du Toit

Head of Human Resources

Woolworths Financial Services

Speed Reading course presented by Britha Padkin of R.E.A.D. Foundation

19 May 1998

Britha Padkin has presented three speed reading courses for the staff in our Johannesburg office.  We were greatly impressed by the preparation and content of Britha’s courses.  She is a highly polished and likeable presenter, with an incredible memory for names!

This is what some of our staff who participated in one of the course had to say:

“Britha’s enthusiasm and positive attitude was a very big plus.” 
Brian Resnick 
Human Resources

“I was impressed with the fact that, in only a few hours, I was able to improve so dramatically, with such a simple method.  I would recommend this course to others.” 
Terence Hatzkilson  

“Thank you for your help. I was a slow readier, but have improved considerably!’
Sylvia Petersen 
Client Accounting

“Enjoyed the course immensely – learnt a lot.  Britha is a very thorough teacher – patient and pleasant. 

Thanks a lot!”    
Shirley sacks 
Taxation Services

I would highly recommend this course to any company or individual, seeking to increase productivity by getting through all that paper, which is an inevitable part of our existence.

Luci Wright
Training Manager  
Grant Thornton


5 November 1993

A great deal of my time is spent reading – reports, magazines, periodicals, books - to mention but a couple of examples.

The enhanced reading proficiency I acquired through the READ programme - both in respect of reading speed and comprehension - has contributed greatly to my productivity.

And, how have I used the time I now have at my disposal?  By being able to deal with the copious volumes of reading, by reading even more, thereby getting new and deeper insights into issues critical to my responsibilities.

Desmond Smith


Now Chairman of SANTAM

Thank You

5th November 1993


Baie dankie vir al jul knap reelings en aanbieding tot dusver.  Dankie ook vir Valda se professionele aanbieding en kwaliteitkursus.

Ons het nog net positiewe terugvoer daaroor gekry.

Vriendelike groete,

Frederick Stroebel

Human Resources & Training