Reading efficiency for all business, professional, technical people and students

Investing for growth - Beat information overload

More than ever before, 3 crucial aspects for success are more information, greater time efficiency, and less stress

"The ability to find and use information quickly and properly is an essential skill for everyone."
- Rick Joyner 'Leadership Management'

Prof. Wolfgang Thomas, Dept Economics, University of Stellenbosch: 'In difficult economic times companies should invest in training.'

Significantly improve . . .

Performance, Productivity & Profits

The half-day Workshop
is the best solution today in terms of
people's time, information, organisation and cost.


NB: As this is a practical training program, just a  few minutes  daily applied practice on your own reading material is a prerequisite for your GUARANTEED  SUCCESS !

Discover how to . . .

* Create time reading 3-5x faster !
* Improve Comprehension and Recall
* Applies to a wide range of fields
* Enjoy less stresss !! Better lifestyle !

Fast, effective reading is a fundamental, core-competency, lifeskill to grow your company's most important resources - people GUARANTEED!

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Key Topics


Problems with reading, comprehension and spelling?
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Comprehension, Retention, and Recall

Understanding what you read at the time of reading it, is not the same thinking process as remembering, or being able to reproduce it.



Brain researchers are saying that there are no limits as to what we can put into our minds. No limits! Infinite.


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Some Myth-busters

It’s not possible tor read fast and understand
Because comprehension is so important, you read at the speed for the comprehension you need. That’s flexibility of purpose With increased speed, there is more focused concentration, and a concomitant increase in comprehension

Speed reading is not for important reading
Fast, effective reading is actually more essential for important reading

It’s not for technical, scientific or financial spreadsheets on screen.
Even here there’s an increase in efficiency and accuracy